commercial carpet cleaning San Diego CAHave you noticed unwanted dirt or debris that has become trodden into the carpets in your home, office or church? Southwestern Carpet Works, San Diego can ensure that the carpets and upholstery in your business or public space remain in the very best condition, using the most up to date products and effective techniques. If your carpets are in need of professional maintenance, our expert carpet cleaning specialists can help.

We offer commercial carpet cleaning service to a range of businesses and offices throughout San Diego, as well as specializing in cleaning church floors. It is recommended that your have your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis, with frequent maintenance, as this will result in a hygienic environment and impeccable appearance. This is particularly important when it comes to public and communal spaces with high foot traffic, such as offices, community centers, and churches.

Regular Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Flooring Maintenance

When spaces are used by a variety of people on a daily basis, the state of the carpets will deteriorate very quickly without the help of skilled maintenance using the latest industry technology and procedures. The high level of foot traffic often means that there is a greater degree of dirt and grime that becomes trapped within the carpeting.

That is why the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) recommends deep cleaning your carpet at least on a semi-annual basis. As commercial carpet cleaning experts, our staff is fully trained to deal with spillages, ground in dirt, and the deep cleaning of the fibers in your carpets in order remove all traces of grime and bacteria.

We can help you to remove furniture indentations by brushing through the affected areas. Soil extraction and suspension are used by our knowledgeable staff members to remove dried in dirt, leaving the carpets in your business or church building beautifully clean and fresh. The cleaning products that we use are of the highest quality and gentle on your carpets, including preconditioning agents designed to separate the fibers of the carpet, making it easier to remove any trodden in debris.

Vacuuming your carpets frequently can help you to keep them in good condition and will prolong the time between professional cleanings. We advise that carpets in commercial spaces and those used by the general public are vacuumed approximately once per day after closing hours, as this prevents a lot of unwanted dirt from becoming trapped within the fibers.

Expert Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Your Church or Office

The flooring in your local church experiences a large amount of footfall, as it used as a community space as well as for religious meetings. Often, schools and playgroups use the local church, meaning regular carpet maintenance is vital as young children will be playing on and around the carpet. Your flooring needs to be hygienic and presentable. Carpets in public places such as a church or office can become ingrained with materials such as mud, grime, clay, leaves and many other unpleasant pollutants that we cannot see as we walk across them each day.

An office is a professional environment that represents the integrity of the business, so keeping the space clean and tidy is important to convey the right impression. The carpets can often be overlooked, which is why commercial carpet cleaning should be scheduled at regular intervals throughout the year. While your carpets may appear to be clean, trapped dirt and debris can increase the amount of bacteria presents that cannot be removed with vacuuming along. The office carpet cleaning professionals at Southwestern Carpet Works will rinse your carpets and perform a deep cleaning, which can be scheduled on a bi-annual basis.

Experienced, High Quality Service

With Southwestern Carpet Works you are guaranteed a high level of service. All of our professional carpet cleaners are fully trained and can offer you their expertise and experience, no matter what your commercial carpet cleaning needs. Friendly and knowledgeable, our staff can help to make the carpets in your offices, and local church look their best, identifying the most effective methods to ensure your carpet remains clean and appealing.

We offer stain removal alongside the cleaning of carpets, rugs, and upholstery and specialize in the cleaning of large, commercial facilities. Southwestern Carpet Works has a 100% satisfaction seal of approval, which is reflected in the positive reviews of our excellent services from previous clients.

For churches and other non-profit organizations in need of commercial carpet cleaning, we are able to offer a donation service, to leave your flooring in outstanding condition. Speak to one of our skilled commercial carpet cleaners for a free quote today.

We specialize in churches and commercial carpet cleaning jobs. Call the pros for your church or business in San Diego and San Diego County on (619) 726-5085.