Aside from the style of carpet and the type of fiber, there are several other factors in determining the overall performance of a commercial carpet. These are seen as commercial carpet features, because they are not always necessary depending on the usage requirements.

If your commercial carpet will be subject to very heavy amounts of traffic, or if you just want a carpet that you know will still look like new after many years, then consider choosing a carpet that has the following Commercial Carpet Features.

Commercial Carpet Features : Anti-Zippering

commercial carpet features San Diego CAOne of the biggest concerns with looped styles of carpet is that if one loop is pulled, others will follow, creating a “run” in the carpet in the same way that can occur with nylon stockings. Such an event is referred to as the zippering of a carpet. For some carpets, this is a very real possibility.

The reason that a run could occur in carpet is due to the construction of the carpet. Essentially, many looped carpets are stitched in a straight line, with one loop leading into the next.

So, if one loop is snagged and pulled hard enough, it could definitely pull the rest of the loops in the same line. It would require a lot of force to accomplish this, but one common cause of this is the use of a beater bar or power head vacuum. The spinning head of the vacuum is powerful enough to latch onto any small snag in the carpet, and pull it, wrapping the fiber around and around.

Luckily, there are many commercial carpets that offer protection against zippering. To prevent it, the carpet is stitched in a zig-zag pattern instead of a straight line. That way, when one loop is pulled, there is not another loop directly in its path, so no other loops will unravel. You can simply snip off the loose fibers, and be assured that the carpet will not run.

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