low-moisture carpet cleaning San Diego CAWhile hard-surface flooring materials—including tile, stone, and new sustainable options, such as bamboo—have recently become more popular, many church facility administrators still prefer carpeting.  Many professional church carpet cleaners are moving towards  low-moisture carpet cleaning methods.

One of the key reasons for this preference is that carpeting absorbs sound, while hard-surface flooring can actually cause noises to reverberate throughout a facility—potentially causing a serious distraction, especially in a large setting with many people.

Carpeting also offers another benefit to busy church facilities. While hard-surface floors are likely to show soiling and spills, carpeting acts like a sponge, absorbing soils. Contaminants typically seep down into carpet fibers or are hidden from view because of the pattern, design, or texture of the carpet.

Carpeting offers other benefits, as well. Some studies indicate that carpeting is easier to maintain than hard-surface flooring and, in the long run, more cost-effective.

But one thing is certain: carpets must eventually be cleaned. They can act as a sponge for only so long before beginning to appear soiled and becoming unhealthy.

There are many ways to clean carpets today, some more effective than others. Much depends on the type of carpet, how it is constructed, traffic conditions and use, temperature, humidity, and even location. While there are many ways to clean carpeting, the current trend is to use low-moisture cleaning methods.

There are some cleaning professionals who believe that the best way to remove stubborn soils, even in carpeting, is to use more water in the cleaning process. The reason for this is that many believe water flushes out contaminants, leaving carpets cleaner.

But, this is not necessarily the case. While there is a place for water in carpet cleaning—and, in fact, it is necessary when the most effective techniques are employed—using lots of water can cause a number of problems.

church carpet cleaning San Diego CA

Water Issues with Carpet Cleaning

Using excessive amounts of water during carpet cleaning can result in what is called “wicking” or “wick-back.” This is when soils that have not been flushed away come up to the surface of the carpet as it dries.

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low-moisture carpet cleaning