Church Carpet Cleaning San Diego CA

Churches have their own unique cleaning needs. It is important to work with a professional who has years of expertise cleaning and maintaining carpets for churches.

Churches often have high periods of heavy traffic – church services, special events and weddings. The best way to keep your carpets clean and healthy is through regular maintenance following these high traffic events.

Day care or child care facilities are a mainstay of many churches and church-supported schools. The benefits of these facilities to parents are innumerable, including the assurance that their children are in a safe, nurturing environment under the care of supportive, qualified adults.
However, when a mother picks up her crawling baby from a church day-care or child care facility and notices soiled areas on the knees of the baby’s outfit, the positives can quickly shift to negatives. This happens every day in child care facilities — and to be fair, homes — across the country as a direct result of a poorly cleaned carpet. Considering that the soils and pollutants trapped in the carpet can include mold spores, fungi, weed killer, and animal fecal matter, in addition to clay, sand, leaves, and grass clippings, concerns can escalate.