Office Building Carpet Cleaning San Diego CA

Within the workplace, we seem to take a great deal of effort to keep certain areas clean but the carpet often goes untouched. In most commercial buildings, textiles are chosen because they remove the risk of slips, absorb sound, and do not seem to gather dirt quite so much as other solutions. This being said, carpets don’t escape the need for maintenance entirely. Over time, soil builds up and this can be extremely harmful. If not treated correctly, grime and dust will enter the air which affects health of all people inside the building and can even attract pests.

 Procedures – With this, it is important to note that there are a number of options you can take. Firstly, the best way to maintain is to go with a ‘preventative’ measure which includes practices to stop dirt from getting into the carpet. For example, this can be done with mats by the entrance and by clearing the outside walkways from all debris. With a ‘welcome’ mat, they should allow for two steps to clear both shoes of all who enter.

 In terms of material, many choose to go for vinyl backing and a nylon front and this is because they absorb moisture as long as the mat is placed on a hard surface. After this, vacuuming is another important procedure because this will prevent dirt or dust from settling. If done daily, the carpet will also have a longer lifetime. Finally, all spillages and stains should be cleaned as soon as possible with warm water and potentially a dose of detergent.

 Treatment – Once these early procedures are in place, you can then consider treatment for all of the high traffic areas in the building. According to recent studies, all entrances and other areas with high footfall should undergo cleaning every quarter. For the rest of the building, this should be treated twice a year. When we say ‘treatment’, we mean a cleaning that goes deep into the carpet and removes all embedded dirt.

office building carpet cleaning San Diego CATypes of Cleaning – In truth, there are various methods of commercial carpet cleaning and each have their good points as well as their downfalls. For example, the use of special compounds such as polymers are on the rise since they attract soil. On the other hand, other treatments will see hot water go deep to essentially uproot the dirt’s home. As mentioned, each method has advantages but we recommend the hot water option. Combined with detergent, hot water is sent into the floor before then being vacuumed. Normally, this will be used at the end of all treatments to remove residue.

 Training – If you have done a little research into this topic, you will know that there are a number of training organizations for office building carpet cleaning. All things considered, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is considered to be the best and most respected. Initially, the IICRC set up to train technicians in steam treatment and they still train thousands of people on a yearly basis. Regardless of condition, a qualified IICRC technician should be able to treat any carpet of any size.

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